Episode #2 — Roma (2018)

We were so excited to talk about Alfonso Cuarón’s new film, we put our other episodes and research on hold to focus entirely on this one. This is the first Spanish-language screenplay that we have evaluated (don’t worry, the episode is entirely in English) hopefully with more to come for those that wish to learn more about Spanish and Latin American films. The protagonist is a young indigenous woman working as a maid for a middle class family in the Colonia Roma in Mexico City in the turbulent 1970s — the story written by Alfonso Cuarón is a unique combination of memory, magic and the tragedy of life itself. Filmed entirely in black and white and featuring exceptional performances by Yalitza Aparicio and Marina de Tavira, it is a triumph of artistic cinema.

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Estamos solas. No importa lo que te digan, siempre estamos solas
— Sofía