The 21st Rewrite is a podcast intended to help listeners educate themselves about the art of writing for film. It was launched in 2019 by the writer William Coldwell and is supported by regular co-host, actor and director Alan Vazquez. We are both based in San Diego, California.

The internet is offering an incredible opportunity for passionate individuals to utilise their creativity and talent and freely share that with an audience around the globe. We are currently exploring crowdfunding as an alternative to avoid introducing advertising to the podcast to cover our maintenance costs. With sufficient support, we would be able to run the podcast without compromising your listening experience or our ability to freely create the program without interruptions.

We want to talk about the screenplays that appeal to us, and not be beholden to market forces or the whims of any producers. Our podcast is run with an independent, inquisitive spirit. We firmly believe in free speech and the right of education for all. If you share these values and enjoy the work we do, we encourage you to check out our support page to see why you should become a contributor today.